Energy storage systems for industry, logistics, and trade

Lithium-ion batteries nowadays are practically indispensable for mains-independent supply of electricity consumers of any kind. This key technology for modern energy storage makes it possible to design many applications in industry, trade, and leisure activities with clearly better economy. However, the lithium-ion technology also offers completely new possibilities for the development of products using energy accumulators.

The KOPF team recognized these potentials already early on and created a competency since 2007 with the development and manufacture of LiRay® lithium-ion battery systems. We make the innovative lithium-ion applications available in all of those sectors of the economy where conventional batteries still are being used.

Where maximum performance and highest requirements for energy storage systems are in demand, the solution is named LiRay®. The custom-made lithium-ion battery systems from KNOPF are available in many power levels for all possible applications. Smart power. With ingenuity!

All advantages of LiRay® lithium-ion batteries at a glance:

  •  Optimal performance/weight ratio: The performance is approximately three times that of conventional lead batteries with a comparable weight or one third of the weight with the same performance.
  • Long life: 2,000 to 4,000 complete cycles with 80 % discharge.
  • Discharge depth to 95 % in continuous duty.
  • Battery systems with 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, and 48 V with capacities up to 1,000 Ah are possible. Other voltages and capacities also can be configured.
  • Clear performance advantages at very high and very low ambient temperatures (temperature range 0 to 50 °C).
  • Very low voltage drop with high-current applications.
  • Very low voltage drop with increasing discharge of the battery up to 80 % of the rated capacity.
  • Low self-discharge: A self-discharge of less than 3 % per month protects the battery and the application even with longer downtimes.
  • The LiRay® batteries are lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) or lithium-iron-yttrium-phosphate (LiFeYPO4) batteries, which offer considerable safety advantages. They do not burn or explode, even with severe irregularities.
  • Defective cells can be exchanged – this saves costs.
  • No memory effect, the batteries maintain their full power for a long time.
  • Deep discharge does not hurt the battery.
  • LiRay® contain no acid, so that they cannot leak, discharge no gas, and do not have to be refilled. They are completely maintenance-free.
  • LiRay® batteries are supplied with a sophisticated integrated battery management system (BMS) that includes additional protective devices.
  • Our scope of deliveries also includes battery chargers, when required also with CAN bus communication.
  • A very high charging current is possible (1 C or higher).
  • The LiFePO4 batteries do not have to be charged completely, this increases the number of cycles.
  • No sulphation with non-cyclic charging, as it is the case with lead batteries.
  • Very high energy efficiency in comparison to lead batteries, thus lower energy costs for charging. (Lead-acid 80 %, LiFePO4 92 %)
  • The higher acquisition costs of LiFePO4 batteries are clearly compensated by the higher number of cycles and the high reliability.

Areas of application:

  • Ships
  • Logistics (ground conveying equipment)
  • Commerce

Our LiRay® lithium-ion batteries offer a reliable, safe, powerful, and especially economic solution wherever high electrical power and short charging times are in demand, or where long downtimes or extreme temperatures create special demands for energy storage systems.


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