Solar boats and solar ships for tourism and leisure activities

As a pioneer in the building of solar ships, the former KOPF AG developed the world’s first solar stainless steel catamaran in 1996 in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart and the designer Christoph Behling. Following this, a total of more than 70 solar boats and solar ships with the unmistakable KOPF design were built; the largest one with a passenger capacity of more than 100 persons.

The first KOPF solar ship ran on the Danube, and the first international solar boat shuttle followed soon on Lake Constance. Others followed to the Expo 2000 to Hanover, onto the Alster in Hamburg, onto the Neckar in Heidelberg, and onto Serpentine Lake in London. KOPF solar ships distinguish themselves by their environment-friendly drives: In addition to conventional gel batteries, powerful LiRay® lithium-ion batteries are being used more and more.

Thanks to their flexibility and their low weight, our RayPower® solar modules offer the designer greater freedom for the optical and technological design, and they ensure, that the LiRay® batteries are charged again and again with free solar current. Just following our motto: Smart power. With ingenuity!

The KOPF Solardesign GmbH & Co. KG combines the pioneers from two decades of solar ship building to continue writing the solar ship success history. KOPF solar ships and boats are the ideal solution in harmony with nature wherever great emphasis is placed on environment protection, where emissions and oil films on the water are frowned on, and where the passenger is to be provided with a completely new feeling of silently gliding over the water. This applies not only to large passenger ships, but also to smallest boats for two to four persons, which can be a welcome complement to an existing fleet of pedal boats and rowboats in the tourism and leisure activity sector.

The fact that so much engagement for the environment regularly attracts media interest is a welcome side effect that also stimulates the tourism business.

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