LiRay® lithium-ion batteries

The second leg of our energy self-sufficient systems for motor homes and expedition vehicles are our LiRay® lithium-ion batteries. They are a nearly ideal problem solution particularly for motor home owners with demanding requirements for the electric capacity. After all, they save not only weight and space, but they also offer 90 percent of the rated power. Conventional batteries may be discharged only to 30 percent in order not to impair the number of cycles and thus the life of the battery. Accordingly, considerably more power capacity can be housed in the existing battery space or there are considerable weight savings with comparable performance.

Furthermore, our LiRay® batteries with their 2,000 to 3,000 cycles have a three to four times longer life than lead, gel, or AGM batteries. This also has a positive effect onto the cost effectiveness, which in spite of the higher purchase price has proven itself as clearly better than that of conventional batteries.

We counter the current safety discussions concerning lithium-ion batteries by using only lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) or lithium-iron-yttrium-phosphate batteries(LiFeYPO4). These are neither combustible nor explosion-hazardous. A sophisticated battery management system (BMS) adds its part.

All advantages of LiRay® lithium-ion batteries at a glance:

  • Optimal performance/weight ratio: The performance is approximately three times that of conventional lead batteries with a comparable weight or one third of the weight with the same performance.
  • Long life: 2,000 to 3,000 complete cycles with 80 % charge and discharge.
  • Battery systems with 12 V and 24 V with capacities up to 1,000 Ah are possible.
  • Clear performance advantages at very high and very low ambient temperatures.
  • No voltage drop with high-current applications.
  • No voltage drop with increasing discharge of the battery up to 80 % of the rated capacity.
  • Low self-discharge: A self-discharge of less than 3 % per month protects the battery and the application even with longer downtimes.
  • The LiRay® batteries are lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) or lithium-iron-yttrium-phosphate (LiFeYPO4) batteries, which offer considerable safety advantages. They do not burn or explode, even with severe irregularities.
  • Defective cells can be exchanged – this protects your investment.
  • No memory effect, the batteries maintain their performance for a long time.
  • Deep discharge does not hurt the battery.
  • LiRay® contain no acid, so that they cannot leak, discharge no gas, and do not have to be refilled. They are completely maintenance-free.
  • LiRay® batteries are supplied with a sophisticated integrated battery management system (BMS) that includes an additional protective device.
  • Our scope of deliveries also includes battery chargers, when required also with CAN bus communication.

Our energy self-sufficient system for motor homes and expedition vehicle raises the traveler to a completely new energy level, where electricity only rarely is in short supply, and it considerably raises the self-sufficiency of motor homes. Smart power. With ingenuity.