The RA 29 moves nearly silently over the water – with electric motors driven via the sun. In this way, no pollutants are discharged into the air or the water.
The applications of the RA 29 are nearly unlimited because of the combination of exceptional design and environment-friendly properties. It is the ideal ship for sightseeing tours, nature tours, swimming, diving, and angling excursions, as well as smaller parties.
In the same way as all open RA models, the RA 29 is equipped with a high-quality wooden deck. The solar generator functions as the roof of the ship, not only generating electricity, but also providing shade. Depending on the certification, it offers space for up to 10 persons.

Total length (m)8,8
Width (m)3
Height (m)3,3
Draft unloaded (m)0,45
Top speed (km/h)12
Range at medium speed (km)40-60
Solar module power (Wp)2100
Batteries (Ah and V)2 x 180 Ah, 48 V Gel
Power rating (W)2 x 4,2 kW
Empty weight (kg)2400
Max. number of persons10