Utilization of solar energy is one of the great challenges for humanity for the future / the RA 72 is a small step in this direction. The passengers on board enjoy the environment-friendly type of emission-free movement on the water.
The solar catamaran RA 72 offers its max. 70 passengers a unique experience on the water. Anybody who wants undisturbed enjoyment of nature or wants to enjoy a relaxing cruise can find the ideal leisure partner in the silently gliding RA 72.

Total length (m)22
Width (m)4,3
Height (m)4,1
Draft unloaded (m)0,6
Top speed (km/h)12
Range at medium speed (km)50-70
Solar module power (Wp)4200
Batteries (Ah and V)2 × 360 Ah, 80 V Gel
Power rating (W) 2 x 12 kW
Empty weight (kg)29000
Max. number of persons70