The SOL 12 is a modern, solar-assisted electric boat with many practical uses for its boat owner: Its easy handling and its versatility make it the ideal boat for all persons who like to swim or who want undisturbed relaxing sunbathing or enjoyment of nature.
The boat is equipped with a solar generator that feeds the on-board batteries via a charging regulator and at the same time provides shade.
In addition to private use, the SOL 12 is suited excellently for boat rental companies as an alternative to conventional pedal boats. The steering wheel control makes the SOL 12 easy to operate, it requires no driver’s license, is unsinkable, and can maneuver well.

Total length (m) 3,7
Width (m)1,7
Height (m)2
Draft unloaded (m)Depending on the shaft length
Top speed (km/h)7
Range at medium speed (km)15
Solar module power (Wp)200
Batteries (Ah and V)180 Ah, 12 V Gel
Power rating (W) 600
Empty weight (kg)220
Max. number of persons5