RayPower® flexible solar modules

As solar power pioneers, we are looking back onto nearly 40 years of experience with solar energy, and we offer innovative solutions that maximize the collection and storage of solar energy also in the motor home.

On one hand, we are one of the few manufacturers of flexible solar modules, using the at present most powerful solar cells of the SUNPOWER® company. These reach an efficiency of up to 21 percent and thus generate clearly more solar current on a comparable area than conventional solar cells.

On the other hand, with our flexible RayPower® solar modules, we have created new space at and on the motor home in order to increase the area usable for collection of solar energy and thus to create additional capacities. Thus it is possible, for example, to exclude skylights in a customized module and to arrange the solar cells around the skylight. Side walls and the hood also can be equipped with the flexible RayPower® modules in order to increase the energy yield still further.

Furthermore, our flexible solar modules are less susceptible to high temperatures than conventional glass solar modules. The reason for this is that it is the glass area that absorbs and stores the heat, so that glass-based solar modules must be ventilated from the rear.

Finally, we can arrange the solar cells within the module – the so-called “strings” – according to customer wishes, so that partial shadowing, occurring for example with temporary transport of roof loads, do not impair the performance of the entire system, but only the “strings” in the shadow.

The fact that our flexible RayPower® solar modules also are considerably lighter than conventional panels is a welcome side effect that creates capacity for more important items to be taken on a trip. Finally, it is also possible to walk on the RayPower® modules, so that the roof area can be used as a viewing platform, a sleeping area, or for temporary transport of goods in spite of the solar cells. Just smart power. With ingenuity!

All advantages at a glance:

  • More solar power on the same area by use of especially efficient SUNPOWER® solar cells with a higher efficiency than conventional solar panels.
  • Vehicle surfaces not used until now can be equipped with the flexible RayPower® solar modules (smaller roof areas, hood, side walls, roof boxes, cover of the roof tent, ….).
  • Clear weight advantages over conventional solar modules. For example, a 120 Wp module weighs only 2.1 kg.
  • RayPower® solar modules have a thickness of only a few millimeters and thus help to keep the vehicle height down. Branches cannot get caught.
  • The installation of RayPower® solar modules is extremely simple. On flat surfaces, they are glued over the entire surface with a special double-faced adhesive foil. PU adhesive is used on curved surfaces.
  • The modules also can be fastened with suction pads, which permit easy dismounting from the rood and temporary fastening to the sun side, for example when the vehicle is parked in the shade.
  • RayPower® solar modules are less susceptible to temperature than conventional solar panels.
  • RayPower® can be walked on, so that the roof are can be used as before.
  • Standard sizes with 60, 65, 120, 240, and 320 Wp are available.
  • Special dimensions and special shapes can be manufactured with RayPower® solar modules according to customer requests. Individual connection of the individual strings is possible.
  • Our flexible solar modules can be matched to the color of the vehicle.


Smaller performance drop at high temperatures